Wednesday, October 15, 2014

To every age there is a blessing

Gary Fischman chose the perfect poem from Ronald Fischman's upcoming book to read at the funeral.

to every age

to every age there is a blessing
to the young hope is given
to the middle-aged, strength is given
to the old wisdom
each child blooms brightly, but
fades not, rather transforms,
being shown a mirror, perceives
a never-ending highway
evolving into his journey every
youth radiates his blessing
attracting strength for what’s at hand
attracting allies for what lies hidden
spectra interstice, multiply,
reinforce (this is called love).
multiplication is not addition
subtraction, like breaking, is called loss.
even loss can be gain because
with loss may come healing
with healing may come growth
with growth may come courage
when mist swallows the highway
and the rainbow thins to slivers
the product of life, love, and learning
survives though no longer visible

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