Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chanting the Torah and Haftarah: a resource list

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When I tutor people who are studying for bar or bat mitzvah, I record the tropes, the traditional chants, myself each time.  That way, I can sing in a key that student can easily follow.  I also use a simple, less cantorial style that's easy to pick up.

Sometimes, though, it's convenient to go on line and hear how other people chant the tropes.  So, here are links to a variety of places on the web where you can listen to the tropes and study them:

Ezra Katz,

Ellie's Tropes,

Cantor Ofer Barnoy,

Cantor Jack Chomsky,

There are also commercially produced tools for teaching and learning tropes, and you'll find many of them at

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