Friday, November 21, 2008

Where We Need to Change Obama

I don't agree with his accusatory tone--I think most people voted for Obama with their eyes open--but Sam Smith has "listed nearly three dozen things that Obama supports or
opposes with which no good liberal or progressive would agree." Most prominent among them to my perspective:

  • Ending the occupation of Iraq only to send more troops into Afghanistan.
  • Trying to provide health insurance to people by mandating they buy it, instead of providing health care to people and cutting out the insurance industry completely.
  • Recognizing loving relationships between men and men or women and women through civil unions, and denying them the equal rights that the word marriage confers.
  • Double the funding for charter schools instead of working to make public schools into places of education for all.
On each of these points, we will have to use the movement tactics that Obama has mastered to bring pressure against him.

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