Friday, March 7, 2008

About this blog

Welcome to my world. Please help change it.

There's an old joke in which a man takes a length of cloth to a tailor and asks him to make him a pair of pants. The tailor fits the cloth to the customer. He pins it here and there to fit the man's shape. When the fitting is done, the customer asks the tailor how long it will be until his pants are ready. "A week," the tailor says.

"A week?" the customer says in astonishment. "In a week, the Lord made the heavens and the earth!"

The tailor shrugs. "Go take a look out that window."

The customer looks out the window. "So?"

"So," says the tailor, "look what a world He made in a week--and I'm going to make you a beautiful pair of pants!"

There's a lot in this world that needs changing, but most of it is not what God made. This blog will be a place to talk about changing the social arrangements that make life so ugly for so many people. I will bring to the task what my parents, my Jewish tradition, my political science training, and my life as a man who loves women--and tries to make the world a place where women and men are equal and free to love each other--have taught me. Sometimes, that will be analysis. Sometimes, reflections. Sometimes, maybe the best times, jokes.

What will you bring to the discussion? I can't wait to hear from you.

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